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You see, we make games beacuse we dont have anything else to do. Its not our job if you're wondering. The heading are the programs we use. OBS Studio/Shadowplay/Fraps, FL Studio 12, Audacity, Sony Vegas Pro 13/14, Chrome, Steam, Lua, GeForce Experience (only p3rs0n4l) and Notepad++. Our Mods/Games take long to make like every other company, we take our time so be patient. We probably will never be popular but who knows.


Hello. My name is LeTexPro. I am founder of X-Head Games.



Hello. My name is LittlePrime20. I am founder of X-Head Games.


Our Projects

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When All Is Lost

  • By LittlePrime20, LeTexPro

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EMAIL: xhead.games@gmail.com